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    • Thank you for your input Frank, we shall take this into consideration. If you would like you can take this further, please send a email to our disputes department. Their email is Disputes@vendetta-x.com and im sure someone will respond to you soon. Now, please go back to your own community and worry about your UB rip-off server that you have going over there. You say nothing is original about our server, at least we dont have to pay people to DEV our server unlike you, is this because everyone you talk to hates you and you have to pay them to hang around and pretend to like you? I really like how you took UB promo video and put your ANUS... sorry mean ANZUS logo on it. We are transitioning into our own content over time btw Frank, hope you can soon realise what original content is big man.
    • Guest Frank
      Don't lie we didn't steal anything your developer toxic made it for us and then you had a fit so we changed it. Nothing I've said about you is false. Your content is not unique and you have no idea how to run a community. The fact you threaten to contact outside sources because you don't get your way and is disgusting and proves your immaturity and the fact you're a spoilt brat. We didn't steal anything you lying scum.
    • Have you ever considered the precedence of success? If not, don't worry I will elaborate. Over the past 4 months post the closing of ALRP (Australian Life RP) we have been hard at work on this community. I will concede, ALRP had its flaws, most of which effected a lot of our players, nearly all 1200 of them. But i'm happy to announce that the issues we faced on ALRP will not return in this chapter. This community has been ridded of the abusive staff team members, as well as a large number of bugs we faced during V2 of ALRP. As many of you will know, ALRP was running a modified version of the UB framework in an attempt to give you all what you loved so much. But it's time for change. This community is drastically different to other servers who attempt to rival us, there is no server in the Oceanic region who has a more knowledgeable and dedicated set of In-House developers with the experience we possess. Our Staff and Development team has come from allover to provide the most inviting and enjoyable experience possible. Communities such as: Vendetta, Underbelly, NekLevelRP, Australian Life RP and noteworthy international server have all come together to make this possible. We have put months of work into this community developing new assets such as our one-of-a kind Police HQ, as well as chairs, tables, cabinets and even presents that will be available on the server. Our server will feature the infamous Australian Police Cars that were such a hit on Australian Life RP, including the HSV Club-Sport, VF Commodore, GTF Falcon, XR8 Falcon and VE commodore. He have also acquired some new vehicles, such as Ford Raptors, Dodge Chargers, Bikes and many others which all come in Civilian, Police and EMS variants. We can't forget our Framework team who have been working tirelessly to transform the UB framework into something that has never been seen before in the Oceanic region.  Success for us is the enjoyment our player base receives when socialising on our community and for many of you this community will be all but a stepping stone for you. All we ask is that you have fun and be respectful. Regards, David & The VX Staff Team     Beta Phase- We will be hosting a beta testing phase on the 30th of March 2018. Be sure to stick around for updates as they are released.   Recent Issues - Over the past few weeks we have had some issues another community stealing some content direct from us. They don't seem to understand why copyright/IP laws exists in the first place. In their infinite wisdom a certain someone has decided to spread some defamatory notions regarding our community and myself personally. Let me assure you, what this person has said has come from a totally unfounded basis without having ever met myself or seen our content. We believe the reason for this persons outburst is because they do not know what we are 'packing' so to speak, and what we are capable of to a greater extent. Let me assure you once more, what this person has said is untruthful and should not tarnish your views on this community.   Staff Promotions - We've had some recent promotions within our staff team, congratulations to the following staff members: Cooky Senior Administrator  >  Community Director ALPHA Probationary Moderator  >  Community Director Vos Moderator  >  Head Administrator  Turboman Moderator  >  Senior Administrator
    • I think this looks really good. The only thing I would criticise is the buttons. Maybe a little smaller or a lighter colour.
    • Are you still getting salty?